A Non-Profit Foundation Creating Innovative Ways To Bring Drinking Water To Third World Countries

Who We Are

We are a not for profit organization that brings new, innovative ways to third & forth world nations to have fresh drinking water fast and conveniently with L630 MiniWell portable straws that can be used with any puddle, stream or sewage of water to filter into drinking water !


Emily Guglielmo founded this non-profit in 2018 in hopes to make a difference globally.

Our History

Supporting Water was created due to Emily's passion for drinking water. She is known as the American Mermaid. She informs individuals about her mission through mermaid appearances, interview, and partnering with other like-minded foundations all over the world.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a passion to bring drinking water to Third World Nations

Ocean Interview

She wanted her readers to get to know her better, so we interviewed her for you!

Fresh water is such a necessity for life. What sparked your passion for the cause in the first place?

Since I was a child, I have been BIG when It comes to Water. Water is the only thing we as humans can literally survive on for weeks without anything else. It is mother nature ~ Water truly should be accessible to every single person on this world!

Let’s talk about the third world countries that Supporting Water is aiding. What has the response been like since you started?

Surely, people have expressed gratitude. We are changing the lives of these people and they are extremely grateful to us. Supporting Water is on IG and many foundations around to world have reached out to me to collaborate! Stay tuned for many great things in the future.I know I’m excited!

Can you discuss the mini straws you use and how they work in filtering dirty water into clean water?

Our Portable Mini Drinking Straws are way cool! They are worn around your neck and you sip from any source of water whether it be a stream, a puddle, or a dirty creek – when sipped through, the straw has many state-of-the-art technology enhanced filter levels that literally cancel out 99.9% of all killing bacteria and diseases.

Supporting Water leverages this technology to provide fresh drinking water to those in need. These Portable drinking straws protect water-compromised communities—whether due to acute crisis or ongoing drought—against waterborne bacteria and viruses like typhoid, cholera, E. coli, dysentery, and diarrhea. The straws filter fresh water from almost any available source, providing desperately needed clean water in developing nations.

What are you goals for Emily Alexandra Cosmetics and Supporting Water?

My goal is to continue to work on Building and traveling to globe helping people, becoming worldly while performing at different counties as a mermaid, and spreading brand awareness of My Mermaid Makeup line “Emily Alexandra Cosmetics.”