A Foundation That Brings Drinking Water To Third World Countries


About Us

We are a not for profit organization that brings new, innovative ways to Third & Forth world nations to have fresh drinking water fast and conveniently with L630 MiniWell portable straws that can be used with any puddle, stream or sewage of water to filter into drinking water !


Emily Guglielmo founded this non-profit in 2018 in hopes to make a difference globally.

Our History

Supporting Water was created due to Emily's passion for drinking water. She is known as the American Mermaid. She informs individuals about her mission through mermaid appearances, interview, and partnering with other like-minded foundations all over the world.


I have always been an ocean activist since I was a child, as well as having the passion to help others in developing nations get drinking water, so I feel that it’s super deep down at the corner of me where it comes from and feel it only makes sense to have a product line that truly embodies strength and pureness ~ With a splash of enchanted branding that represents who I am.


Emily is someone who loves giving back to the world, one of her ways of doing so is by donating a percentage of her company’s earnings to her non profit organization; “Supporting Water” - A foundation that brings drinking water to third world countries.

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Her non profit “Supporting Water” has already effected the lives of numerous vulnerable citizens in third world countries where access to clean drinking water is an everyday struggle, through her cosmetics brand and additional efforts she has been able to inspire other young and successful entrepreneurs to give back and help those who need it the most.

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